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We are excited to join you as you find your PLACE. Part of our mission at Pathway is connecting people to people and people to God. By completing this assessment, you are taking a great next step toward your own spiritual growth, and we believe your investment will produce lasting results.  Before starting the assessment, here are your instructions:

Please allow an hour to complete.


*Enter this activation code to begin: 2021Q2 

*Create a username and password.

*You don't have to complete all at once. Be sure to save your username and password if you need to start and stop.

*Enter the user id and password you created when you return to complete.

*Go to the second login prompt for RETURNING USERS. This will ensure your progress is not lost and you do not have to start the assessment over from the beginning.

*If you have technical difficulties after you enter your code, please contact Angela Nevling at

*When you complete the assessment, click FINISHED, and you will be able to print your results.

  Your next step is to meet with a coach to review and discuss the results. To better customize your coaching experience, you will receive a final 3-minute survey, and a coach will contact you.  Please note:  A coach session is not a counseling session.  It is just a session to go over your results and see if you are ready to experience what God has for you in the way of serving.  This session does not mean you have to serve.


Interpreting the PLACE Profile

Interpreting the PLACE Profile is a resource to help you learn how to view your PLACE Profile. If you will take the extra time to watch the Interpreting the PLACE Profile video and read the Five Key Insights that accompany the video, you will be amazed at how much impact the PLACE Profile can and will be in helping you understand how God has uniquely created you.


Prayer App Prayer ServantCare-PrayerJudy Madden-prayer
Prayer ChainCare-PrayerBev McCaslin
Prayer Team ServantsCare-PrayerJudy Madden-prayer
Card Ministry Team MemberCare-Reaching OutJudy Madden-reachingoutcare
Creations for ChristCare-Reaching OutPat Glidewell
Daytime Transportation Team MemberCare-Reaching OutJudy Madden-reachingoutcare
Homebound Communion Team MemberCare-Reaching OutSusan Johnson
Hospital Team MemberCare-Reaching OutJudy Madden-reachingoutcare
Meal ProviderCare-Reaching OutJudy Madden-reachingoutcare
Prison Ministry-Pen Pal/EmailCare-Reaching OutJudy Madden-reachingoutcare
Serving SeniorsCare-Reaching OutBarbara Adams
Communications - Video TeamCommunications-Photography TeamBonnie Mays
Children's - Large Group, ProductionFamily-ChildrenJanine Gehle
Children's - Large Group, ProductionFamily-Children

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